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De Blasio and ‘co-mayor’ spouse have actually squandered $1.8B of taxpayer cash

De Blasio and ‘co-mayor’ spouse have actually squandered $1.8B of taxpayer cash

The conclusion of de Blasio’s not-so-excellent presidential misadventure

Who’s got a billion to burn off?

Well, Bill de Blasio without a doubt.

But spouse that is also mayoral McCray, who may have simply been revealed as a world-class boondoggler in her very own own right.

Hey, the grouped household that preys together remains together, appropriate? Also it’s only (your) money — regardless if it’s a great deal of it.

McCray could be the proprietress of ThriveNYC, a mental-health-related something-or-other produced four-plus years ago to provide only a little heft into the conceit that Bill and Chirlane had been elected as co-mayors — which is nonsense on stilts.

This is certainly, a long time ago, very first partners had been content to imagine to stay fee of prettifying highways and things. It had been honorable “work,” it didn’t expense greatly plus it filled within the spouse’s free time.

But this is certainly 2019, as well as the basic feeling — at least into the de Blasio management — is the fact that if there’s not plenty of dough connected to the spousal sinecure, it does not actually matter sufficient.

So, ipso presto, co-Mayor Bill coughed up enough cash to split a pack mule’s straight straight back and delivered it well to co-Mayor Chirlane — who then went forth to cure Gotham’s mental-illness problems.

Fast-forward to Wednesday, whenever City Council had been startled to learn that McCray and Team Thrive are shutting in on having invested an eye-popping $900 million because the program’s inception — and no one seemingly have an idea on russian bride which.

That is, no body seemingly have held receipts; the subways and road corners will always be overrun with crazy individuals, and no body in control understands what’s to take place next.

But let’s be clear: when your boondogglery sets the latest York City Council right straight right back on its heels, you certainly are soaring utilizing the eagles. Continue reading De Blasio and ‘co-mayor’ spouse have actually squandered $1.8B of taxpayer cash