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Caesars Atlantic City Hit in $181K Heist. Two thieves robbed at gunpoint

Caesars Atlantic City Hit in $181K Heist. Two thieves robbed at gunpoint and got away with more than $180,000 from Caesars Atlantic City on Monday.

Things aren’t great right now in Atlantic City. Gambling enterprises are shutting, revenues are dropping and profits are drying up month after month. It’s really a time when resorts are carefully monitoring every dollar that comes in and out of their stability books. Simply speaking, it’s about the worst time possible for a six-figure sum to go missing from a associated with the city’s casinos.

In accordance with police, two masked thieves walked out of Caesars Atlantic City with an increase of than $180,000 on Monday after a smash-and-grab raid on the casino. The robbery reportedly took place on Monday early morning, though police did not immediately release much information about the details of the crime. According to USA Today, trooper Alina Spies said that police were investigating the matter, but that they didn’t want to deliver any information that might hinder the investigation that was underway.

Early Morning Robbery

Local media, citing authorities sources, said that the robbery involved two suspects whom entered Caesars Atlantic City around 6 am. One or more of them had a gun and pulled it before stealing two plastic boxes that contained the stolen cash. They then fled the scene in car at approximately 6:20 am, according to a police bulletin.

The truth is being investigated by the New Jersey State Police Gaming Bu Continue reading Caesars Atlantic City Hit in $181K Heist. Two thieves robbed at gunpoint

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Fremont Street Draws More Tourists and More Cops

Fremont Street Draws More Tourists and More Cops

The popularity that is growing of Vegas’ downtown Fremont Street area has required more police presence too. (Image:

As Las Vegas continues to jump straight back from the economic downturn, with the Strip posting its 5th annual revenue escalation in a row, Sin City’s Fremont Street area downtown is experiencing a renaissance also. In fact, the recent regeneration of Fremont Street and its environs is attracting countless visitors, Metro Police are being forced to rethink the direction they police the entire city of Las Vegas.

‘ We had been extremely concentrated on Las vegas, nevada Boulevard [the Strip] for several years because that’s where we were seeing the infusion of men and women,’ Sheriff Doug Gillespie told Metro’s Fiscal Affairs Committee this week. ‘ nevertheless the dynamics have changed downtown. Now a great deal more people are attempting to come downtown on a more regular foundation.’

It is not just that the individuals are coming there in droves; the very nature regarding the tourism has changed, too. Although the area surrounding ‘Glitter Gulch,’ as it had previously been understood straight back in Elvis’s day, was once a small rough round the sides, it is now being a hub of art and culture. Bail bondsmen and pawnbrokers have now been at least somewhat replaced with galleries and clothing that is vintage, since well bars, clubs and restaurants.

Millennials Descend

Which me Continue reading Fremont Street Draws More Tourists and More Cops

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British Watchdog Bans Christ the Redeemer Sporting Index Ad

British Watchdog Bans Christ the Redeemer Sporting Index Ad

Too sexy for his robe: this offending Sporting Index ad has been banned by the ASA as most likely to cause offense to ‘a significant number of Christians.’

The united kingdom’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned a Sporting Index World Cup print ad, labeling it ‘seriously offensive’ and slamming it for connecting gambling to prowess that is sexual. The ad that is offending an image of Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer statue which had been changed to show Christ keeping a bottle of champagne with a bikini-clad woman draped around him. The words ‘There is a more exciting side to Brazil’ appeared at the end of the page, while additional text offered £500 in free bets.

The ASA was busy launching an investigation after receiving 25 complaints about the ad, which appeared in the City AM and Racing Post newspapers while Paddy Power had its own way with the image at the Euro 2012 event. One regarding the complainants had been the Christian organization Evangelical Alliance, which stated that the ad was prone to cause extensive offense.

Url to Sexual Aptitude

In its defense, Sporting Index said that the imagery had been selected that it absolutely was digitally modified in a ‘light-hearted, humorous and cartoon-like way,’ that was deigned to underline Rio’s reputation as being a ‘city of enjoyable. because it represents Rio de Janeiro and perhaps not because of its spiritual significance, and added’ Continue reading British Watchdog Bans Christ the Redeemer Sporting Index Ad